Apr. 28th, 2017

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" I have spent the last couple of years sending applications to every rent controlled apartment housing in the county. The average wait period is 3 years. When a new senior facility announces it's being built, these people stand in line to get preapproved. I was preapproved several times, but I lost my job and here I am in my car.
I'd like to say that the city and state are trying to help seniors and homeless, but that isn't the case. The the old hotel that was remodeled is full and th there is a wait list.
My only hope is finding a job. Of course the focus is on the youth, as it has always been. They can afford to live in all of the housing that's available. Some people are charging $1500 For a room. That's horrible.
I think San Jose is no longer interested in caring for seniors in our situation. The light at the end of the tunnel gets smaller and smaller everyday. I did see rooms available on Craigslist for $785 to 875. Good luck with this, it's a desperate time."

I have to add, she's 70, and she is homeless.


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