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"Spark is faster than map/reduce". A guy working at Databricks is giving a talk regarding how Spark works.

Omfg; how can one possibly deal with all this?

UPD. From the same talk. cartesion()
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"The Course is Formal Methods.. We have learned about Z-Notation which even the instructor says isn't being used in industry anymore...
Why aren't we learning something that is current in industry? Perhaps XML?"

They want XML, my gosh. My students. Tells me something about the level of some.
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      if (entityInfo.containsKey(ApplicationMetricsConstants.TYPE_ENTITY_INFO)) {
        type =
      if (entityInfo.containsKey(ApplicationMetricsConstants.TYPE_ENTITY_INFO)) {
        type =

Were they drunk, or something.
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    for (int i = 0; i < weightColumns.size(); i++) {
      this.weights[i] = new DlColumn<>("fv" + i, weightColumns.get(i));

(consider it a tentative interview question)
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"None of them have the time to maintain unit tests, and none of them want to. And commenting the code might cause it to break."

See, what amuses me. All these idiots still produce something that somehow, partially, works. Is not it a miracle?
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Neighbors report:

"I just kicked a guy named Chris out of the women's restroom at Los paseos park. He was talking to himself rather loudly. He needs phychriatric medication, but would rather use methamphetamines via a glass pipe to medicate, at least in his eyes. I'm beginning to see and understand your situation, but I've never been one to call the police. I've always been on the other side of the law, now I haven't been back to jail or prison for almost 9 years and I prefer to keep it that way. Please feel free to say hello. I have children too and would definitely protect them with my very own life."
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The alert from the bank mentioned OFAC, an office of the U.S. Treasury.

Bruce called OFAC, and to his surprise, he got a call back, informing him that the transaction was flagged because his dog’s name is similar to the word DAESH, a term for ISIS in the Islamic world.

The bank stopped payment on the check.

“I thought to myself, ‘Great, they’re stopping the world’s stupidest terrorist,” Francis quipped.
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scu has changed the site. Now they ask me to choose "security question". I chose "What is the food you liked least when you were a child". My answer is: "cod". Wrong answer!!! It should be 4 letters at least!!!
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                //Increment counter
                counter = counter + 1
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    public List getOrderedChildren() {
        ArrayList children = new ArrayList();
        if (encryptedData != null) {
        if (children.size() == 0) {
            return null;
        return Collections.unmodifiableList(children);


May. 20th, 2015 03:18 pm
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Just got a call from an idiot with a heavy Indian accent. He wanted to help me with my Windows computer.
He said he was calling from Tulsa, Illinois.
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There's a thick layer of pompous idiots calling themselves scientists. (Nothing that has in its name is.)
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United insurance wants me to check the box stating that I am an "existing patient".

So I've just signed a paper stating that I exist.

Do you?
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They plan to ban smoking in your own home.
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I had a function checking if a collection of sets (of keys) has any common elements (if they do, have to add prefixes to the keys, to disambiguate). Imagine, I was just calculating their intersection. OMFG, in short.


Aug. 1st, 2014 10:45 pm
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A guy wrote `:(){ :|:; };:` in a comment on facebook.
I launched it on my machine, and resource was temporarily unavailable.
Googled this and that.
Then launched `:` - resource was temporarily unavailable.
Then just did echo "a`:`b" - resource was temporarily unavailable.

My questions are:
- wtf was it
- where can I google it

(No, I'm not looking for an ip address of a loser, I know it)

P.S. Fuck, it was a fork bomb. Captain. It was so long ago.


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