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I was definitely confused by what the media has been telling us that a talented software engineer, Asperger kind, came to an unorthodox conclusion that even castrated men write better code than women.

So I thought, okay, a geek, just from a dorm, revolts against the ubiquitous and hypocritical political correctness.

Well, this is what I think now.

The guy is not a programmer. If anybody saw his code, I'd like to see samples. He's a biologist by education, with a couple of publications that he needed for his PhD. Right after that he dropped his biology and went to earn decent money in a software company. I understand him, I did something like this too. 

So that's why he's writing about biological differences between males and females. Well, it does not take a biologist to tell the difference, in most cases. But when a biologist says something about writing code, good or bad, I remember again the reason why Rob Pike invented his language, Go, specifically targeting Google programmers. His reason was - they are too dumb to work with sophisticated languages.

Seriously, have you seen a googler writing in Haskell? It's not allowed. Because biologists, like this one, won't understand it. Oh, he's a male, wow! But he's still a biologist. Even a male biologist has to learn something to understand something.

But why should a googler learn anything? A googler is already there.

Oh, there's a googler on Facebook that is always telling me that I still feel the pain of parting with Google, that's why I am so negative. I heard this before. About the USSR, and how all those dissidents, they feel bad because they or their ancestors were punished by the system. Now it explains, it's not the USSR, it's the dissidents. USSR is perfect; engineers are the best there, life is the best, and you guys are just jealous.

And then kaboom, 60 females suing Google for sexual discrimination, what is it? Sure Google did not do it; Pichai said that Google has always been perfect. And those who talk, they will be kicked out immediately. Like this biologist that knows better how to write code than any female programmer that ever existed.
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