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More Haskell bashing.

"Haskell is so good that if a functor does not have a free monad, it cannot be written in Haskell". Which is funny. Something like Haskell version of Church thesis.
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I understand why we are wasting time writing code, it's a non-trivial occupation, complexity is pretty high (but we have to decrease it all the time).

What I do not understand why we are wasting time "looking through the logs". That's a totally stupid waste of time. All this should be automated.

One actor sends some data, the other does not see it, and does not send it further on.
Why not have a third actor that would ask the first one, whether it sent the data and ask the second whether it received it and whether it sent the data.

Of course it's even easier to switch from actors model to pi-calculus, where interactions are synchronized. Right?
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Вот так вот инструкции гебни распространяются по свету, через вот такую вот шушеру.

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Am I the only one left that is both skeptic and open to changing my mind? That's about

- climate change aka global warming
- causes of climate change

Every week I read about how Antarctic ice a) melts, b) increases; both kinds of statements are explained by global warming or climate change. Did Antarctic ice ever change before? Or was it intact for thousands or millions of years until very recently?

Arctic ice is now what? Diminishing? North Pole is just water? Did not it happen a bunch of times before, from time to time?

I mean, it's okay either way; I'm just looking for sources, and somehow all I see is biased (both ways).
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Когда я вижу, что из сигнатуры X*->X следует, что это будет "функция" head, то я спрашиваю сам себя и окружающих, ребята, а шо це за функция такая? Тут мне пеняли, что нельзя называть функцие что попало, а только функцию в смысле множеств - окей, окей! Что за функция в смысле множеств? Возьмем X=0, к примеру.

Да бля.

Как так можно вообще. Ходишь, веришь лохматым ученым. А они такую херню несут.
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function environmentName()
	var env = 'prod';
	var envCaps = env.toUpperCase();

	//alert("prod" + "  " + envCaps);
	return envCaps;

(repeated twice on each page)
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""I think we should be responsible for what we do, not for the bureaucratic question of who stamps the paycheck," he wrote, adding provocatively, "Do you think you are not working for the Pentagon? Ask yourself about the origins of the computer and the Internet you are now using."" - he wrote this when asked how come he's been working for the Pentagon actually, for decades, while demanding everybody else not to do it.
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public class Streams {

   * Drains the contents of a stream without blocking on further input from that stream.
   * @param stream the stream to drain
   * @return the contents of the drained stream
  public static String drainStream(OutputStream stream) {
    if (stream == null) {
      return null;
    if (stream instanceof CircularOutputStream) {
      return stream.toString();
    return null;
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"We don't know why functional programming failed"

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(на видео на 63-й минуте, мой ломаный английский и т.д.)


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