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" I have spent the last couple of years sending applications to every rent controlled apartment housing in the county. The average wait period is 3 years. When a new senior facility announces it's being built, these people stand in line to get preapproved. I was preapproved several times, but I lost my job and here I am in my car.
I'd like to say that the city and state are trying to help seniors and homeless, but that isn't the case. The the old hotel that was remodeled is full and th there is a wait list.
My only hope is finding a job. Of course the focus is on the youth, as it has always been. They can afford to live in all of the housing that's available. Some people are charging $1500 For a room. That's horrible.
I think San Jose is no longer interested in caring for seniors in our situation. The light at the end of the tunnel gets smaller and smaller everyday. I did see rooms available on Craigslist for $785 to 875. Good luck with this, it's a desperate time."

I have to add, she's 70, and she is homeless.


Mar. 6th, 2017 12:46 pm
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Dunning-Kruger with Math.

Just occurred to me. Reducing facts of real life to math entities is a kind of Dunning-Kruger disease. You can't get the complexity and all the aspects, but math you know, so kaboom - a monad! a linear space! a probability! a derivative! an integral!


Same with logic, by the way.
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I was driving today listening to Dr. Laura. She's a fucking bitch at times, and other times she's pretty sweet and smart. 

A mother of 5 was calling, telling her that she's 44, her youngest is 5, and she worries by the time the kids grow up she'll be 60, no life etc., and her days are full of worries etc.

Laura started telling her that ok, never mind, everyone's every day has a crap in it, so it's like this with everyone.

REALLY? My days are beautiful. What crap? Just don't give up, ever, and there will be no crap (I believe). Ok, I'm just lucky, ok, I know. A car accident can happen any time. But is it a big problem, really? I don't know.

Then on some other channel some other host was telling that your blood pressure may rise to dangerous levels when you watch a politician you hate talking on tv. Wait, why watch? You don't like it, you don't watch it, right? Easy!

So I started suspecting that there's something wrong with the humankind (and something right with me).

I don't know, my grandmother never complained. Well, she did, at times, complained about her own stupidity. But you know what kind of people complain about such things. No stupid person does.
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No meetings till Tuesday, eh

just a view

Sep. 1st, 2014 08:27 pm
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from my bathroom
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Some years ago, I was frequently hearing stuff like "our company has a flat structure", "we are very flat", etc. That's both from outside, when you go interviewing, and from inside when you ask wtf where's my raise. My next question usually was, so, your salary is the same as that of a qa? The answer was, well, not exactly flat, but almost. Which basically means "you are the same kind of shit to me as everyone else".

Have not heard this crap for a while now, and I wonder what's happening. Either the world has changed, or the companies I talk to are different, or it is just me. Seems like nobody is claiming to be "flat".


Jul. 13th, 2013 01:23 pm
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Sum Ting Wong
Ho Lee Fuk

Have to remember them.
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Just observed a curious thing. I'm using 2.9.2 on my linux.
And what I see: I println a set of two elements; and on different runs the order is different.
I was totally confused, but then noticed Parallelizable is being used (somehow I do not have source code installed; not the best time today).

So what I think I see is this: the nondeterminism in listing set elements. Just a two-element set.

I think this is beautiful. I believe we just beat the axiom of choice, like in the old article by A.Scedrov, where he demonstrated that even for the choice of two AC does not always hold (in his case, though, there was a circular "time" involved).

The future is now.


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