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We use to call people that do bad stuff idiots if we cannot call them criminals, since they are not enemies (yet).

Well, that's wrong.

If your, well, relative supports tortures, or wife-beating, or adult sex with minors, or whatever, they are probably not idiots. They are not idiots when they play chess or listen to Bach or write code. Somehow they are only idiots when they commit or support crime... or other "idiots".

They are not idiots. They are just supporters of criminals. Or just criminals, depending.

Ok, one can make a mistake, this includes crime. One can commit a crime by mistake.

But if the person supports honor killing, or destruction of Israel (or all of the infidels), the person is not an idiot. The person is a dangerous potential (or not) criminal, and we should treat that person as such.

You may say, oh, they are victims of propaganda. Nobody is an involuntary victim of propaganda, except probably kids under, say, 14. Or something. Adults usually are pretty picky, which propaganda to become a victim of. That choice usually involves some kind of fear, for instance. I understand, it's hard not to be afraid if everybody around supports the lies. But at least some people are not. And if you commit a crime out of fear, of course it's kind of better than committing a crime out of one's free will; but the victims may not see the difference as clearly as the relatives and friends of the criminal.

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Q Can Turing machine be built from electronic hardware, paper or magnetic tapes etc?
A No. Turing machine has an unlimited tape. It's hard to implement actually.

Details. That's our p.o.v. "Actually", the p.o.v. may vary. We can stop using boolean logic, for instance. Or imagine the world and imagine it's real. Or imagine our imagination beats the books we read.

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So, two minorities are demanding diversity in software development.

Why only software? Why not heart surgery? Why not agriculture? Why not restaurants? Why not road works?

Ok, road works are more or less diverse, I mean, there are a lot of women there. But where are the blacks? I have not seen any black guy fixing roads.

And how about agriculture? How come you have to be a Hispanic to gather strawberries? Do they require Spanish tests? Okay, so, where are females, and where are blacks, and where are whites, and where are Asians? I have not seen one Indian gathering strawberries. Any Jews doing it? Any Chinese? Not fair. Don't they all want a job in the fields? They want a job in a software company? How about Hispanic men, don't they?

Something's deeply unfair, but I can't figure out what. Don't tell me about slavery, my ancestors were slaves in Russia... and well, arguably, I was a Soviet slave, too.

Or something is just plain stupid.
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Software people are trying hard to create an artificial intelligence, meaning something like a model of their own ideal intelligence. Why not try to create an artificial, say, parrot. A crow. A dog. Not a stupid one, regular one.

Also, other people are trying to establish contact with "civilizations". Why not establish contact with... well, with dolphins? Talk to them? Or gorillas. Talk to them. Or rather find a common language. I am sure a mother can talk to another mother, how children misbehave, how young females are careless and young males are irresponsible... talk to them. Tell them you are like them.

Something like that.

I mean, if your eyes are not open, you can hardly see anything.
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For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.
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"What's the name of this planet?"

Do planets have name, really? All of them? Some of them?

Given a planet, assuming it has a name, is it just one name?

Actually, same with people. "What's your name" may mean "How do you want me to address you?", or "How do I match you with something in our records?"

(No, I'm not drunk, I'm going for a bike ride.)
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"some one who had begun to read geometry with Euclid, when he had learnt the first theorem, asked Euclid, 'But what shall I get by learning these things?' Euclid called his slave and said 'Give him threepence, since he must make gain out of what he learns'"

(quoting Guocheng-Wu)
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I need a data structure which has a file as one of its components. I've been thinking, ok, I build this structure, like case class, but what if the data are actually not so good? Throwing an exception is stupid (and rather neurotic); so I probably need a factory that returns not a SingleBatch, but a Result[SingleBatch]. But the problem is, the validity of it may change with time. So, have to deal with it in terms of temporal (or topos) logic. Or frp maybe. See, now the data are good; a second later they can turn bad (but never go back... pretty toposophical!). So we deal not with data, but with a function. So all the methods must be returning Result[T]. Or maybe instead of returning anything just use cps... hard to tell.


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