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"You would like to know why some Scrum implementations become NSA surveillance programs."

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"Clintons said - there's not a shred of evidence. Sure; all the evidence was shredded."

(No, I don't like Krauthammer, I think he's an asshole - but this one was good.)
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I sure find Hillary disgusting.
But so far, comparing with all those Republican sissies, she is the hawkish one. Also, at least she is not as dumb as all those Pauls and Bushes... I mean those people are not dumb at all, but they are playing dumb.

The most important thing America needs now is to restore its international role. Show Putin who's the boss. And I believe this asshole is the best for this specific role.

Hope she does not break anything else.

I wonder...

Mar. 2nd, 2015 08:07 pm
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There seems to be a high correlation between gas prices in a state and their party orientation; seems like "democratic" states enjoy much higher gas prices, for some not so obscure reason.
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... has shown that a true Scotsman is really hard to find.
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This week I had kicked out about a dozen of members of Scala Bay that rsvp to every meeting but never show up. And you know what? They are signing up again! Tireless morons...
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A former PM Brown told "them" that if they stay, they'll get more freedoms.

To me it's a signal: RUN!!!
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"Я думал над этим феноменом в ходе своих странствий, и нашел разгадку: все дело в миролюбии. В отличие от сильно озлобившихся в последнее время украинцев, россияне в массе своей вовсе не готовы ненавидеть своих извечных соседей."


Jul. 23rd, 2014 01:27 pm
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Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, has said the United States is past due in providing direct military support to Ukraine.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/22/pentagon-team-dispatched-to-ukraine-amid-crisis-wi/?page=2#ixzz38KEux722
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"Since the beginning of the crisis, Human Rights Watch has documented abuses by all parties. We have documented numerous incidents of killings, kidnapping, torture and ill-treatment, threats and other abuses by insurgent forces against political activists, civil servants, investigative journalists, and the like. We also documented several cases of enforced disappearances of journalists working for Russian TV stations and self-proclaimed Donetsk People Republic’s (DNR) administration by Ukrainian forces."

Now, recapping.

All parties do abuses, namely:
1. Killings, torture, etc - by insurgent forces.
2. Enforced journalists disappearance - by Ukrainian forces.
2.1. Russian TV stations journalists. (Who exactly has disappeared?)
2.2. Journalists working for DNR administration. Anybody has an idea what it can mean?

I really can't figure out how to classify this kind of findings by hrw.
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Now let's get distracted from Ukraine.

BJP won elections in India. Businesses are happy, communists are crying. Something that used to take 3 months to get a permit, under Modi used to take couple of hours. Where, do you think, are more corruption opportunities.

Anyway, this morning I went to my bank, and asked Uma Sharma, a receptionist, what does she think about Modi. We laughed at all this hullabaloo, but she told me she's not from India. She's from Fiji. Wow, how come? It's like Natasha Petrova not from Chelyabinsk but from Rio de Janeiro. Anyway, we just laughed it off.
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When lawmakers and the like talk about renewable energy, they probably are not aware of the laws of physics; they, like [livejournal.com profile] byakych, don't read the laws, they write them.
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I'd say it's more of oop bashing.


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