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Done by my students

Student Presentation
Daniel Marks Android OS
Alex DeBoni StackOverflow’s architecture
Aanchal Kumar Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Matthew Schworetzky MySQL/MariaDB
Chern Hsi Wang iPhone applicaiton (iOS) architecture
Stephi Hamilton Hadoop
Jason Childers Map/Reduce
Mrunal Karandikar Google Search
Scott Sarsfield Netflix's architecture
Michael Schimpf Model Driven Development and experience with a big project
David Obatake CUDA
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Android OS
Android Apps and Java
WhatsApp and its architecture
Software Defined Networking
iPhone application (iOS) architecture
Google Borg
Typical Web App
Google Search
DreamWorks Animation
Model Driven Development and experience with a big project
Intro to CANBUS Eduardo Martorano
Play Framework
Doom 3 and ID 4 Engine
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1. Is the language consisting of strings like “a”, “ab”, “aba”, “abab”, and so on, a regular language? Explain, why. If yes, the best answer would be to write a regex; you can also just describe the grammar. If not, just explain why.

2. A language is defined in BNF; determine the complexity of the machine you need to parse it: Finite State Machine, Stack Machine, Turing Machine, and explain your decision.
<x> ::= (<y>+<z>)
<y> := a<y>
<y> := b<z>
<z> := c
<z> := d

<x> ::= a<x>b<x>c
<x> ::= d

3. Given two binary relationship R: A<->B and S: B<->C, describe their composition, where
A = {all integers}, B = {all real numbers}, C = {all positive integer numbers}, aRb = (b == log2(a)), bSc = (b == c).

4. In the following example of using Δ schema in Z notation, explain the constraints:
AddBirthday ≘ [
Δ BirthdayBook;
name? : NAME;
date? : DATE;
name? ∉ known;
birthday′ = birthday ∪ {name? ↦ date?}

5. You already wrote the ping-pong game in pi-calculus, with two players. Now imagine there are 4 players, 2 on each side, A1,A2,B1,B2, and a couch that sends the signal to A1 which serves the ball (sends Ping); then one of B1 or B2 gets the Ping, and sends back a Pong; either A1 or A2 gets the Pong, and sends back a Ping. The game never stops. Write this scenario in pi-calculus.
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Короче, есть, скажем, пять вопросов для экзамена, каждый в нескольких вариантах; задача - изготовить варианты, чтобы они максимально различались. Ну типа всех возможных будет 55, а мне надо 27, ну вот взять первые 27 из таких.

С таким смаком навалял это на скале. Типа такого:

    def findFurthest(current: List[Index])(collection: List[Index]) = collection.map(i => (distance(current)(i), i)).max(order)._2

    def sortByDistance(source: List[Index], target:List[Index] = Nil): List[Index] = source match {
      case Nil => target
      case more => {
        val furthest = findFurthest(target)(source)
        sortByDistance(source.filterNot(furthest==), furthest::target)

    val sorted = sortByDistance(allIndexes).reverse
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Just wrote slides

comments? (you can do them right in the document)
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I don't believe there's much meaning in it, but I post them here: http://www.meetup.com/COEN260/about/
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Я думал, что студенты будут ленивые, тупые и малообразованные - ни фига; вполне mature people, схватывают so far так, что мне нужно корректировать программу в сторону ускорения.
Посмотрим, конечно. Пока что не студенты тормозят, а факультет. Пришлось на митапе группу завести, чтобы информировать.


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